Electric power steering Citroën C25

Here are the advantages of electric power steering for Citroën c25 - This electric power steering is supplied complete with potentiometer...


Electric power steering Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a premium sports car from the German car manufacturer Porsche. The first generation was marketed in 1964, entirely...

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Rediscover the pleasure of driving thanks to a wide choice of power steering for vintage and vintage vehicles.
No more painful maneuvers with MADIRECTIONASSISTÉE.COM

Each electric power steering system is designed specifically for the vehicle. The loads on the steering gear are calculated according to each vehicle in order to have the appropriate engine power.
They also benefit from a potentiometer or a speed sensor that allows you to adjust the hardness to adapt to each type of driving.
90% of our kits are delivered complete without cuts or welds of the original column, which allows you to keep your column in case of reset, for the other models we recover your original column and we transform it in our factory in order to send you the electric power steering column modified and ready to install.

Find our electric power steering systems for the biggest automotive brands such as ALFA ROMÉO, Citroën, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Porsche, Volvo

The advantages of electric power steering for classic vehicles

In addition to practicality and comfort, electric power steering for classic vehicles makes your driving safer thanks to a more sensitive and flexible steering and, above all, adjustable steering. Many users no longer see themselves reverting to a classic direction after it has been mounted.

In addition, thanks to its electric assistance, you do not lose engine power, such as hydraulic steering with pump, which needs a few hp (3 to 4hp) to operate.
No more fluid leaks, no more hoses, belts and pumps that take up an insane amount of space in the engine compartment.
Our electric power steering kits are all installed in the passenger compartment under the steering wheel and integrate perfectly without creating any discomfort for the driver, all the plastics, controls, neiman return to their original places.
Only for the universal electric power steering kits , some modifications will be necessary depending on where you want to place them.

In addition, the electric power steering kits are completely silent and consume only 5 to 7 amps max when manoeuvring.

The words of the users who come back after assembling the kits are always the same:


The electric power steering systems all have a safety device to allow the user to continue driving in the event of a breakdown, the steering disengages and becomes unassisted again in the event of an electrical failure.

Homologation of our electric power steering kits

Our electric power steering systems are European homologated and TUV quality certified, and are also approved for rallying, VHC rallying, drift competition.

At you will find electric power steering for your old

We can modify any direction in our premises or you have the possibility to mount universal  power steering kits to adapt yourself.

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Ez electric power steering, la direction assistée électrique pour votre voiture de collection

Ez electric power steering, la direction assistée électrique pour votre voiture de collection

Ez electric power steering, la direction assistée électrique pour votre voiture de collection EZ ELECTRIC POWER STEERING EZ Electric Power Steering e
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