Rediscover the driving pleasure thanks to a wide choice of power steering for old vehicles and collections.
No more painful maneuvers with MADIRECTIONASSISTÉE.COM

Each electric power steering is designed specifically for the vehicle. The loads on the steering gear are calculated according to each vehicle in order to have the appropriate engine powers. They also benefit from a potentiometer that allows a hardness adjustment to adapt to each type of driving.
90% of our kits are delivered complete without cuts or welds of the original column, which allows you to keep your column in case of original discount. for other models we collect your original column and transform it in our factory to send you the modified and ready-to-mount electric power steering column .

The advantages of electric power steering for classic vehicles

In addition to the practical and comfort side, the electric power steering for classic vehicles makes it possible to secure your driving thanks to a more sensitive and flexible steering. Many users no longer see themselves returning to a conventional direction after mounting it.

In addition, thanks to its electric assistance you do not lose engine power such as a hydraulic steering with pump that needs a few hp to operate.
No more liquid leaks, no more hoses, belts and pumps that take a crazy place in the engine compartment.

The words of the users who come back after assembling the kits are always the same:


The electric power steering all have a safety to allow its user to continue driving in case of failure. the steering disengages and becomes unassisted again in the event of a power cut.

Our electric power steering has a European approval and the TUV quality certificate.

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