Adaptable Electric Power Steering Kit

Kit direction assistée électrique adaptable voiture ancienne, rallye et de collection

Universal Adaptable Electric Power Steering for Classic Vehicle Ez electric power

This kit is mainly used on collectible, military or agricultural vehicles or rally.

It will allow you to switch from unassisted mechanical steering to electric power steering.

The universal type kit makes it possible to convert all types of vehicles in a few hours and with certain notions of mechanics and welding. For the assembly of this kit you will have to cut your column to interpose this electric power steering kit at the most suitable place on your steering column.
Sleeves to the size of your column will be provided to facilitate the installation.
The universal adaptive power steering kit allows you to reduce the effort on your steering wheel by 5 to 7 times the load.
With this type of technology, we manage to have a steering close to today's power steering.

Four types of universal electric power steering for classic cars are available:

- for vehicles at speeds below 45km/h
- for light vehicle type 2CV, 4L, Méhari
- for classic vehicle
- for heavy vehicle type 4x4, truck or military vehicle

Our adaptable electric power steering kits are available with engine position on the left or engine on the right, they are also available in a sealed version if the steering kit needs to be installed in the engine compartment.
The power of the kits varies between 150, 250 and 350 watts. Their consumption in operation is 5 to 7 Amps on average.
This assembly requires a good mechanical and welding knowledge.

Do not hesitate any longer and find the pleasure of driving your classic car thanks to our universal electric power steering kits

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