Installation of electric power steering for classic, VHC or supersport cars

Currently on the market several types of electric power steering are marketed:

- The plug and play electric power steering kit

- The half-column electric power steering kit

- The universal electric power steering kit

- Plug and play mounting consists of simply changing the original column with a complete column without cuts and without welds of the original column. ( Slight modifications may be necessary depending on the vehicle, such as deformation or cutting of a sheet metal which could generate the correct location of the engine of the assistance). As the Porsche 911 electric power steering kit installs in a few hours with a simple deformation of the additional heating compartment.

- The half column assembly is simply a complete column or it will just make a cut and then a weld with a sleeve specially provided on your original column at a very specific place in order to come to connect with the new column. This concerns some car models whose remanufacture or simply the original assembly does not allow plug and play column. As for the Ford Mustang electric power steering kit or a cut-out at the foot of the column is necessary

The universal assembly is the most common assembly but not the one most appreciated by our values. This assembly requires good knowledge of welding and mechanics because it is necessary to cut the original column in two places to interpose the universal kit. In addition, this assembly does not respect the rules of road traffic.

Installation of an electric power steering for classic car

For the assembly of all these kits you will need the classic tools of everyday life for a handyman, no specific tool is useful put by a welding machine according to the kit.
In any case it will be necessary to start by disassembling the plastics that surround your column, for the following steps it is necessary to disconnect your battery.
Once battery and plastic disassembled you can tackle the neiman and the steering wheel, take pictures of the wiring of the neiman to avoid any errors during reassembly.
Once all this is disassembled you can uncouple your column from its gimbal, flector or case and take it out of the vehicle.
For the assembly of the column with assistance it will be enough to make the reverse diagram.
The wiring of the electric power steering kit will be supplied with the kit and may differ from the vehicles. In any case you will need a + after contact, a mass and a + battery.

However sometimes we are forced to go through a universal kit in order to convert its direction and the assembly becomes more complicated because as said above two cuts and two welds are necessary.

Let's talk about the cost of installing an electric power steering kit

As mentioned above, several types of assemblies exist so obviously the prices can vary from single to triple depending on the type of assembly acquired by you.

It will take between 450 and 1200 euros depending on the assembly and the desired kit.

Attention these prices are indicative and are included with the disassembly and reassembly of the column on your vehicle.