Power steering kit rally vehicles

Kit direction assistée électrique voiture de rallyeDirection assistée électrique adaptable voiture de rallyeKit direction assistée électrique pour voiture vhcKit direction assistée électrique universel pour voiture de rallye

Electric power steering for rally car

Our electric power steering kits are specially designed for your rally or racing cars.
Each kit is developed for each vehicle and includes all the fasteners and characteristics necessary for maximum reliability.
Improvements can be ordered à la carte according to your discipline and your equipment (tire size, roll bar, transition from hydraulic to electric).

Our electric power steering kits are present today on several VHR or VHC type rallies, we are also present on drift and grip competitions, very often on Porsche 911 or BMW e30 type vehicles.

Before any changes, please check with the federation or organization to be sure that the modification made will be authorized on the day or stage of your competition.

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