What is power steering?

In a car, power steering refers to an assistance system for its driver, this technology developed in 1876 but marketed in 1951 is intended to reduce the effort provided when turning the wheels to facilitate maneuvers especially at low speed.

Currently on the automotive market we find several types of steering assistance, these are types:

- Hydraulic power steering (1951)

- Hydroelectric power steering (90s)

- Electric power steering (early 2000s)

Hydraulic power steering was the most installed steering system by manufacturers between 1951 and the 2000s, since car manufacturers turned to electric power steering for technology reasons (variable assistance with speed, power park etc. etc.)

The primary advantages of power steering are really to facilitate the maneuvers of the driver and also to ensure fluidity when driving.
Electric power steering now equips 80% of the world's car fleet, but some manufacturers have developed electric power steering kits for our classic cars, 4x4 and all our models not equipped with this technique while respecting the specifications of road traffic, which is why our electric power steering kits are TÜV certified (organization from Germany certifying and homologating all kinds of products, this label ensures the quality of the product) and are even approved by some manufacturers such as Porsche, Volkswagen and Ferrari.

The idea is just great, isn't it?

Who wouldn't dream of driving his grandma with one hand?

The electric power steering kit for vintage and classic cars is now available on more than 300 vintage models, with this kit you reduce the effort on the steering wheel by 4 to 7 times.
In 90% of cases we deliver a column ready to install on your vehicle without even having to modify the original column.
Which means that a step back is possible with our kits.

In addition thanks to the Electric Power Steering Kit no hose no leaks no pump where even no jar is visible since everything is electric and all this hides perfectly under the steering wheel, the size of the engine which represents about the size of a can of Cola 33 cl blends perfectly into the cabin.

Very popular in the world of motor racing type DRIFT, RALLY, HILL CLIMB thanks to their powerful system, adjustable and especially leak-free.

More and more restaurateurs are going electric to clean the engine compartment.

The electric power steering kit consists of :

- A column or half column with electric motor
- Complete wiring
- One ECU
- A calculator
- A potentiometer or speed probe
- A converter or battery depending on the voltage of the vehicle

Its assembly is carried out in a few hours (6 to 10 hours) depending on the model of the vehicle.

On a Porsche 911 the installation of the electric power steering kit can be done in less than 6 hours thanks to its simplicity of installation and access.

However on a Lotus the installation requires almost 2 days because the removal of the dashboard is necessary to have access to the column.

Here are some examples of kits

Kit direction assistée électrique universelDirection assistée électrique voiture ancienne