What if we modernized our classic cars with an electric power steering kit

In recent years we have been using strategy to modernize our old cars and make them more pleasant to drive, several manufacturers have developed accessories that give us back the pleasures of driving our vehicles and especially that allow us not to leave our old ones in the garage because of the lack of comfort or lack of safety of these.

We mainly find accessories for performance and safety such as:

- Electronic ignitions
- Brake assists
- Lighting systems
- Disc brake kits
- Air conditioning systems
- Electric power steering
- Suspension kits

All these modifications make driving our classic vehicles much more enjoyable and allow us to drive with them much more often because driving is much less taxing. It's not that our old ones are undriveable but they become complicated to drive in today's traffic. The number of vehicles on the roads to explode and modern vehicles are equipped in function and because of this we have lost track with our old ones, so that riding with it becomes a limit a fight.

And then we will be frank who would not dream of driving his classic vehicle on a daily basis but with the driving of a current vehicle.
Among all these accessories, the most appreciated for a comfortable and safe driving remains the braking assistance and the electric power steering assistance which above all allow a smoother and safer driving.
For electric power steering kits the principle remains simple and very well studied, in most assemblies these are ready-to-install kits, you just have to disassemble your original column and replace it with the column with electric assistance and connect it electrically. These types of electric power steering have been developed and studied for each vehicle, i.e. the weight, the size of the wheels, the use of the vehicle have been taken into account for the most performance and longevity possible.

The advantage of an electric power steering is especially in the installation, the kit this installation in general in a few hours (4 to 7 hours).

Like what:

- an electric power steering kit for BMW E30 this installation in 4 to 5 hours
- an electric power steering kit for Porsche 911 this installation in 3 to 4 hours

In addition to having simple exposures the electric power steering consumes only 5 to 7 amps max, they do not use oil so no risk of leaks, and they are adjustable either via a potentiometer or via the speed probe that connects to the meter to automatically adapt to driving. They will reduce your efforts on the steering wheel by 4 to 7 times.
If you opt for an electric power steering on your old one, you will never go back and above all you will find immense driving pleasure.

Kit direction assistée électrique voiture ancienne