General terms and conditions of sale

General terms and conditions of sale
Any order placed on necessarily implies essentially, decisive and indispensable, the unreserved acceptance by the customer of the general conditions of Sale in force my power steering on the day the order is finalized.
In addition, you acknowledge that the acceptance of these conditions implies the application of these to the order to which they relate, as well as any other subsequent order, except in cases where new conditions are brought to its attention by my management. The fact that my power steering does not use these conditions at some point cannot be interpreted or will be tantamount to renouncing them in the future or in the past.
Applicable law and jurisdiction. The interpretation and application of the conditions, as well as any actions arising therefrom, will be subject to the legislation in force unless otherwise provided for in the present application of the law.


The prices published in www.madirectionassisté are in Euros and are valid except typographical error. All Public Prices are inclusive of VAT applicable on the date of the order, any change in the VAT rate will be automatically applied to the price of the products for sale.
Promotional offers on products for sale on will be displayed in the section. Promos/Pack quantity or on the product sheet and, unless otherwise stated, they will be valid for the duration or they will be displayed on the screen.

Means of Payment

When ordering, you will be able to choose to pay for the purchases you make at madirectionassistee by: Credit / debit cards, PayPal or Bank transfer. For more information please click here.




1. The purchased products will be delivered to the person and address indicated on the order.
2. By default, invoices will be stored on your account in the OrderHistory section.
3. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays there will be no delivery or purchase orders.
4. The delay does not mean a cancellation of the order or any compensation.
5. An order is considered delivered when the carrier delivers the package(s) and the customer signs the delivery note.
The customer must check the condition of the goods on delivery and report any anomaly on the delivery note of the service. To claim the non-receipt of a product, the customer has a period of 24 hours following receipt of the shipment, via our "Customer Service" form.
In the event that the delivered product does not correspond to the one that the customer ordered, Madirectionassistee will assume the costs of collecting the erroneous product and will ship the voucher.
6. For shipments to countries that are not available on our website, please contact us.
7. For further information, you can click here.

8. Delivery failure for "incomplete/incorrect or missingaddress at the address indicated". Madirectionassistee cannot be held responsible for any delivery failure due to an address declared as incomplete or unknown by UPS, CHRONOPOST or DACHSER. In case of return of a package bearing the mention "incomplete address" or declared NPAI (does not live at the address indicated) by the carriers, we will make a credit of the customer's order as soon as he returns to our premises. In the case "Absent at the address indicated", the transport company will make your order available in a relay point. You will be notified by email or SMS by the carrier. You will have between 7 to 10 days to pick up the package at the relay point, before reshipment to our premises. The credit note will be reduced by the amount of the delivery costs incurred by LedeXel including during operations "Free shippingcosts" since our company pays in any case the amount of the delivery to the carrier.

Returns and Cancellations/Return of Goods


Our policy, in accordance with current regulations, is to grant the right to return any item purchased from madirectionassistee within 15 days from the date of receipt. No need to provide any explanation, any item purchased on, returned in its original packaging, sealed and in perfect condition will be accepted as such. Within 15 days at the latest after receipt of the return, madirectionassistee undertakes to reimburse you. Before making a return of the product, you must inform the After-Sales Service Department (SAV) at the following email address: If the reason for the return is that the returned item is defective or does not correspond to the order made, madirectionassistee will assume the costs of return and return. If the reason for the return is that you are not satisfied, we will refund the amount of the product, except for shipping costs and return and management costs.
The product(s) must be returned under the same conditions as they were sent, including the packaging of the products. No exchange or refund of a product handled by the customer,misuse, break, etc., will be made and will lose all warranty. Both the collection of the product and its corresponding exchange, will be processed by us through our courier service. Depending on the type of return, the shipping or pick-up (12.95€ HT) will be paid by the customer or by us.


Cancellation of the order


If you cancel the order before the goods are shipped the customer will not pay any fees. In case of cancellation after the departure of the order, the customer will have to pay the shipping and return costs of this same order.




My assisted management works mainly by bank transfer in order to avoid any fraud or cheque scam.

•Bank transfer: Processing time 24 hours after receipt of your transfer