Kit direction assistée électrique Porsche 911, 964, 914, 924, 944, 356

Electric power steering for Porsche collection

Porsche had its debut in 1931 thanks to Ferdinand Porsche, this famous luxury and sports car brand became known thanks to the type 64 and the superb cox and a few years later the 356 which is a modified cox.
Porsche cars are known for their performance and reliability, it certainly remains the most reliable brand of very sporty vehicles on the market.

Our electric power steering kits are specially designed for your collection Porsches, in 90% of cases we provide a new column complete and ready to install as a replacement for your original column.

No welding or cutting of the column is required, you just need to replace the existing column with the electrically assisted model.

For the remaining 10% of the models we recover your original column to modify it directly in our manufacturing workshops and we send it back ready to install.

A large number of electric steering for Porsche collection are available and if you do not find your model do not hesitate to contact us for custom manufacturing.

Electric power steering for Porsche is our biggest sale currently, we have several models in stock regularly.

Kit available for:

- Porsche 964
- Porsche 911
- Porsche 924
- Porsche 944
- Porsche 356
- Porsche 914

Do not hesitate any longer and find the pleasure of driving your classic car thanks to our electric power steering kits specially designed for your Porsche

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