Electric power steering Porsche 911 air-conditioned
  • Electric power steering Porsche 911 air-conditioned
  • Porsche 911 electric power steering
  • Porsche 911 electric power steering

Electric power steering Porsche 911 air-conditioned


Porsche 911 electric power steering kit air-conditioned

Our Porsche 911 power steering kit has been specially designed for this vehicle, i.e. no modifications to the original column are necessary (no welding, no column cuts) a phantom sheet metal cut must be made to position the engine.

The complete set weighs less than 5 kg and sits exactly above the front axle.
It has a speed sensor that is taken up on the speedometer which allows it to soften or harden the assistance force according to your speed.
So you keep the sporty behavior of your 911 at high speed and you find a supple 911 at low speeds and for your maneuvers.

- Specially designed for the Porsche 911
- Precise and safe steering
- European and TUV approved
- 2-year warranty



EZ electric power steering


Made in Europe


TÜV certified for most of our products


Delivery 5 to 10 days if stock / 5 to 7 weeks if out of stock

The Porsche 911 is a premium sports car from the German car manufacturer Porsche.
The first generation was marketed in 1964, entirely designed by the Stuttgart-based company.
At the time Porsche did not assist their management, this happened about ten years later.
This is why some enthusiasts have decided to develop electric power steering kits that adapt perfectly to our sublime Porsche 911s , which allows us to compensate for this heavy and unpleasant steering in maneuvers, our power steering kits allow you to find a smooth, precise steering with a feeling of safety.

Sixty years later, this emblematic model of the brand has retained its overall aesthetic.
The engine architecture remains unchanged with its superb flat six with rear overhang.
Currently we are on the eighth generation of the 911 and they all benefit from the most advanced technology in terms of steering assistance, braking etc etc.

Older models are among the most popular sports cars with collectors, such as the 911 model 901, all like the 911 model G or the 964.

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