Electric power steering BMW E30
  • Electric power steering BMW E30
  • BMW E30 Electric Power Steering Kit

Electric power steering BMW E30


Electric power steering kit for BMW E30

This electric steering kit has been specially designed for the BMW E30, it takes a complete column assisted by electric assistance.
No welding or cutting of the original column is necessary, we provide you with a new column ready to install on your series 3
This allows you to keep your original column for a possible flashback.

This steering is supplied with a potentiometer to adjust the hardness of your steering according to your driving.
It is also equipped with a safety that allows you to drive in case of electrical failure (you find a classic non-assisted steering). The assembly is simple and fun, it requires about 4 to 6 hours of MO.



EZ electric power steering


Made in Europe


TÜV certified for most of our products


Delivery 5 to 10 days if stock / 5 to 7 weeks if out of stock


The BMW E30, produced from 1982 to 1994, embodies elegance and performance in automotive history.

As the second generation of the 3 Series, it marked a turning point with its balanced design and timeless lines.
Equipped with powerful engines and exceptional handling, the E30 has won over sports driving enthusiasts.
Very well equipped for its time, the E30 on its first phase lacked power steering, which makes it a bit rough today, which is why we have developed a plug and play electric power steering kit for this beautiful German car.
Whether on the race track or on everyday roads, this compact sedan has left a lasting mark, symbolizing BMW's combination of aesthetics and performance and continues to delight us on even winding roads thanks to smooth and precise steering.

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