Power steering Volkswagen T1
  • Power steering Volkswagen T1
  • Power steering Volkswagen T1

Volkswagen T1 electric power steering


Volkswagen T1 Power Steering Kit

Despite a large steering wheel, the engine at the rear and narrow tires, these small machines still have a very heavy steering.

That's why electric power steering for the VW T1 has been developed. No more heavy steering wheel and difficult maneuvers. Rediscover the pleasure of driving your T1 thanks to a power steering fully adapted to this superb vehicle.

Attention a cut of the original column is necessary for the assembly of the AD (equipment provided and technical doc provided)

• Supplied complete with assembly manual



EZ electric power steering


Made in Europe


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Delivery 5 to 10 days if stock / 5 to 7 weeks if out of stock

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